Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am possibly the most indecisive person on this planet. I am constantly coming up with ideas, setting out to do them then changing my mind and giving up. It is well known at this point that I am constantly starting things and not finishing them (I can assure you it’s just as infuriating for me as it is for everybody else). I think it’s because I get bored very easily, so I constantly need new things to keep me occupied and excited.

With that in mind, it’s been seven months since I set up this blog and I can already feel this happening to this blog. Don’t get me wrong I love this blog and love the process of documenting my thoughts online. I also love reading other people’s blog posts. The whole thing is very therapeutic to me. Originally, the plan was for this to be a book blog (hence the name), however, lately, I’ve felt slightly pigeon holed by the topic. Whilst I will always want to write about books, there’s so much more I have to talk about. After discovering and falling in love with Grace Latter’s blog ‘Almost Amazing Grace’, I’ve found myself really drawn to the idea of writing more personal posts, making the blog like an online diary. That may not work out as I still like the idea of keeping this blog mainly anonymous.

Apologies for this sort of non-post, I just wanted to keep you updated! I’ll be back with regular and more interesting posts soon!


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