Snapshots #1 | South Bank

If you follow me on Instagram (plug, plug, plug) you’ll know that about a week ago, I went to London. Specifically, one of my favourite places in the world, South Bank. There’s something about that part of London that feels so far removed from the rest of the city. There is something about that place that makes me feel at home.

My one true love in life is theatre and many years ago I made it my life’s mission to perform at The Globe Theatre. Visiting always reminds me of that ambition and gives me a little nudge of inspiration to keep working at it!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Summer of Love at Shakespeare’s Globe

Further along South Bank is the National Theatre. I’d never been before so my Mum and I had a look around. We only stayed for a few minutes and all the accessible seats had been sold for the performances that day but I definitely want to go back ASAP, I’d love to see ‘Yerma’ or ‘Angels in America’.

If you are as much of theatre and book lover as I am, you will feel at home here. The National Theatre is also right next door to Forbes so you can see why I love South Bank so much! Just outside, there was a pop up second hand book store. Unfortunately, by this point, I was in a rush to get the train home so I couldn’t spend too long browsing. There were so many books, I could’ve lost myself in there for hours!


By far my favourite thing about South Bank is there is always something new to see. That afternoon, a wedding had just taken place in St Paul’s cathedral. Like everybody else who was outside that afternoon, I stopped to watch the couple have their pictures taken and had a serious case FOMO – there were so many beautiful dresses!

Each time I visit, I’m surprised to discover new things. Every where you look, there’s a different street performer or art installation (my favourite was the ‘poet for hire’, who sat at his type writer, composing poems on demand.). Under every bridge is a different busker, from a jazz duo, a harpist and drummers.


London is such a bustling place but it is in this little pocket of the city that it truly feels alive.


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